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Музыкальный Альбом 2018
"Whitesnake - Unzipped [5CD Super Deluxe Edition]" MP3
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(Зарубежные альбомы / Hard Rock)

Автор: admin от 18-10-2018, 19:52

Альбом Whitesnake - Unzipped [5CD Super Deluxe Edition] в формате MP3 скачать торрент

Информация о релизе | Album info:

Страна | Country: All world
Дата | Date: 18-10-2018, 19:52
Год релиза | Year: 2018
Формат (кодек) и качество звука | Quality: MP3 / 320 kbps
Композиций (песен) | Number of songs: 96
Время звучания | Duration: 04:45:11
Размер | Size: 678 Mb

Раздел | Category: Зарубежные альбомы / Hard Rock
Теги | Keyword: 2018 MP3


(cкачиваний: 1474)
Чем больше Спасибо получит этот Альбом, тем быстрее он окажется в нашем рейтинге ТОП 100

Tracklist | Список композиций

CD1: Unzipped… In The Studio: The Love Songs
01. Love Is Blind
02. One of These Days (Previously Unreleased)
03. All The Time In The World (Previously Unreleased)
04. Wherever You May Go
05. Easier Said than Done (Previously Unreleased)
06. Fare Thee Well (Previously Unreleased)
07. Summer Rain
08. Forevermore
09. 'Till The End Of Time
Bonus Tracks
10. Wherever You May Go (Instrumental) Strings only (Previously Unreleased)
11. Love Is Blind (Instrumental) Strings only (Previously Unreleased)

CD2: Starkers In Tokyo
01. Sailing Ships
02. Too Many Tears
03. The Deeper The Love
04. Love Ain't No Stranger
05. Can't Go On
06. Give Me All Your Love
07. Don't Fade Away
08. Is This Love
09. Here I Go Again
10. Soldier Of Fortune

Bonus Tracks
11. Only My Soul (Acapella) (Previously Unreleased)
12. Fool For Your Loving (Excerpt) (Previously Unreleased)

CD3: Snakeskin Boots: Starkers In Europe
- Starkers In Warsaw (Poland, April 18, 1997)
01. Intro
02. Sailing Ships
03. Too Many Tears
04. Here I Go Again
- Starkers In Stockholm (Sweden, December 2, 2006)
05. Intro
06. Give Me All Your Love
07. Ain't Gonna Cry No More
08. Only My Soul (Acapella)
09. All I Want Is You
10. Dog
11. Here I Go Again
- Starkers In Cologne (Germany, November 24, 2006)
12. Intro
13. Give Me All Your Love
14. Ain't Gonna Cry No More
15. All I Want Is You
16. Slow & Easy
17. Dog
- Starkers In Paris (France, November 30, 2006)
18. Give Me All Your Love
19. Ain't Gonna Cry No More
20. Northwinds (Acapella)
21. All I Want Is You
22. Dog
23. Blindman (Acapella)
24. Here I Go Again

CD4: More Starkers
- Promo Tour Rehearsals (2005) (Previously Unreleased)
01. If You Want Me
02. Give Me All Your Love
03. Slow & Easy
04. All I Want Is You
05. Judgement Day
06. Ain't Gonna Cry No More
07. Dog
- Starkers In New York (New York City, April 10, 2008)
08. Give Me All Of Your Love
09. Can You Hear The Wind Blow
10. All I Want All I Need
11. Lay Down Your Love
12. Fool For Your Loving
13. The Deeper The Love
14. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
15. Here I Go Again
- WSTV Jams Excerpts (2012)
16. Easier Said Than Done
17. Fare Thee Well
18. Love Will Set You Free
19. Mistreated
20. Slide It In
21. 'Till The End of Time
22. Shake My Tree
- Made In Japan - Soundcheck Versions (2011)
23. Good To Be Bad
24. Tell Me How

CD5: Up Close & Personal (Previously Unreleased)
01. Wherever You May Go (Demo Version)
02. Surrender
03. Ain't No Doubt About My Girl
04. Scat Man Blues
05. Love's A Crazy Game
06. I Will Love You
07. Oh Baby You're The One
08. So Long” (Acapella)
09. So Long
10. It Would Be Nice
11. Slide Thingy Blues
12. Down To The River
13. Feel Your Love Grow Stronger
14. Blues Jam Riff
15. Fun Lick Blues
16. Don't Wanna Change The World
17. It's So Hard
18. River Song (Early Version)
19. Let's Have A Drink Before I Go
20. Can You Ever Forgive Me
21. So Much To Live For
22. Another Lick While The Missus Is Busy In The Kitchen
23. Just The Two Of Us (Together You And I)
24. Oh S___ Blues (Featuring Jessica)
25. Seasons

(cкачиваний: 1474)

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