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Музыкальный Сборник 2018
"Big Mix 8" FLAC
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(Зарубежные сборники / Eurodance | Eurodisco / Italodance | Italodisco)

Автор: Solo от 27-11-2018, 19:44
Сборник Big Mix 8 в формате FLAC скачать торрент

Информация о релизе | Album info:

Страна | Country: All world
Дата | Date: 27-11-2018, 19:44
Год релиза | Year: 2018
Формат (кодек) и качество звука | Quality: FLAC / lossless
Композиций (песен) | Number of songs: N/A
Время звучания | Duration: 02:28:19
Размер | Size: 1,08 Gb

Раздел | Category: Зарубежные сборники / Eurodance | Eurodisco / Italodance | Italodisco
Теги | Keyword: 2018 FLAC


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Tracklist | Список композиций

CD 1
1. Big Mix #8 (Mix-Session) (75:45)
DJ Mix by Vinyl Z

Vertical Vibe - Only You (Union Edit)
Max Mad Feat. K.S. 25 - Don't Let Me Down (Euro Mix)
Mr. Jam - New Love Dimension
Provocation - Feel It D.J. (Feel It D.J! Club-Mix)
Elektra - Dancing Through The Night
Centory - Take It To The Limit
K2 - Keep On Dancing
Samsara Feat. Paula Bo - Take Me In The Night
Wen - Quiero Besarte (Remix DJ Box)
United Zeros - Lila Traktor (Crazy Diesel Mix)
Time Squad - Make Me Move
Bushman - No 1 Else
Garfield - Cool Cat (Cool Summer Remix)
Index - We Fly So High
Matrix - Follow Me (Para Club Mix)
Double Vision - All Right
Captain Jack - Captain Jack (Analog Mix)
Andy - Boombastic
Odyssey - Face To Face (Face The Rave Mix)
Masterboy - Give Me Your Love
Radiotrance - Космонавт
Magdalena - Live To Tell
Elastique - Dancing Into Danger
Yoko Dance - Hashima (Good Double AA)
Slam - U Got 2 Know (Doodappenbadappen) (Yankee Doodle Mix)
Pharao - World Of Magic (Wizard Mix)
Captain Hollywood Project - Flying High
Poco Loco - I'm The One (Italo Mix)
Solid Base - Stars In The Night (Late Hour Boom Mix)
The Free - Dance The Night Away
Face Of Freedom - The Final Solution
Club Amadeus - Dudu Dada (Die Post Ist Da)
Black Spaghetti - That's The Way The Rhythm Goes
Caravan - Caravan Of Love
Dr. No - In The Middle Of The Night (Nightcall Mix)
Re-O-Do Feat. CCR - Three Four Give Me More - DaDaDa (Version 1)
Orange State Feat. Pockets & Cyrille - I Want You Movin' (Eurobeat Mix)
M.A.N. - Stay (F.T. & Company Edit)
Comic - I Surrender To Your Love
DJ C.C. - The Rhythm Of Chupa Chupa (D.J. Version)
K. Da 'Cruz - Love Is Lifting Me Higher
Samplex - Daitarn 3
M&M Feat. Anne - Lemon Tree (Dance Version)
Da Pampa - Call It
Egma - Tell It To My Heart
Garfield - Party Of Love
Time Machine - Run Away (Galaxy Mix)
Skibby Feat. King Lover - Come Again!
T-Zone - Don't Let Me... (Factory Team Mix)
X-Fade - Dance (Fun Mix)
3-O-Matic - Hand In Hand (Hands In The Air Mix)
P.T.B. - Tell Me Why (Power Mix)
K.L.J. - Fly Away With You (Comercial Club)
Unidad Virtual - Boom Boom Girl

CD 2
1. eNJoy 90s - Step By Step #3 (12:14)
DJ Mix [Megamix] by Boyz-II-Noize aka Michael Bánzi and Vinyl Z

1990 - M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy - It's On You
1991 - Ex-Plain - Check Out
1992 - AB Logic - The Hitman
1993 - DJ BoBo - Take Control
1994 - 2 Raff - Don't Stop The Music
1995 - Me & My - Dub-I-Dub (Club Remix)
1996 - Rene & Peran - Give It To Me
1997 - Gala - Let A Boy Cry
1998 - Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone
1999 - 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Feat. Des'Ray And D-Rock - Living In Cyberspace
2000 - Barcode Brothers - Tele
2001 - Klubbheads - Here We Go

2. Dizzy Dance Mix #2 (22:00)
DJ Mix [Megamix] by DJ Fajry

DJ Fajry - Intro
Cartouche - Feel The Groove
Double You - We All Need Love
The Nightcrawlers Feat. John Reid - Surrender Your Love
Indra - Misery
Michael Jackson - HIStory
Angela Martin - Reach Out
Dominica - Gotta Let You Go
Cappella - Move On Baby
Haddaway - Rock My Heart
The Soundlovers - Surrender
J.K. - My Radio
Corona - Walking On Music
Masterboy - Feel The Heat Of The Night
Mr. John - It's Not Too Late
Fun Factory - Take Your Chance
Twenty 4 Seven Feat. Stay-C And Nance - Keep On Tryin'
Alexia - Me And You
DJ BoBo - Let The Dream Come True
Me & My - Lion Eddie
Flash - You've Got The Music
Paralyzer - Bip Bip Bop
Virtual Tracks - I Can't Stop
DJ Fajry - Outro

3. BIG Rave MiXTC (19:59)
DJ Mix [Megamix] by Mix-Addict

Mix-Addict - Opening Action
Mr.President - Take Me To The Limit
DJ E-Rick & Tactic - Hysterical Drumbeats
DJ Hooligan - Sueño Futuro (Wake Up And Dream)
Radiotrance - Горячий Как Солнце И Мокрый Как Дождь
C'hantal - The Realm
Graphixx - Never Ending Story
Spanish Fly - We Will Rave You
Pharao - King Pharao
Kajsa - Angel Eye
Qtex - Can't Get Enough
Once Again - Nessaja
Prince Ital Joe Feat. Marky Mark - Babylon
Scooter - Hyper Hyper
Interactive - Tell Me When
U96 - Love Religion
Star Wash - Strong Like A Lion
General Base - Rhythm & Drums
Ultramagnetic MC's - Critical Beatdown
Sunbeam - Arms Of Heaven
Perplexer - Love Is In The Air
RMB - Spring
Moby - Everytime You Touch Me
Mark 'Oh - Tears Don't Lie
Dune - Are You Ready To Fly
4 Tune Fairytales - My Little Fantasy
Cabballero - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
Blümchen - Verrückte Jungs
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Stars
Leila K. - Open Sesame
Gompie - Alice, Who The X Is Alice?
Das Modul - 1100101
B.G. The Prince Of Rap - Rock A Bit
Moon Babiez - Take Me To The Moon
General Base - I See You
4 Tune Fairytales - My Little Fantasy
Mix-Addict - Closing Action

4. bLA5T dANCE (18:21)
DJ Mix [Megamix] by DJ Fajry

DJ Fajry - Intro
D.C. 2000 - Dreamin' (Don't Worry 2 Much)
Floorfilla - Anthem #4
J.K. - You Got Me Dancing
Tempo Feat. Manola - Everybody Get Up
Floorfilla - Anthem #3
Nek - La Vita È
D.C. 2000 - 1 More Time
Trix - Bomb Bomb
Floorfilla - Anthem #2
Barcode Brothers - SMS
Bamble B - Coming Through The Light
Daddy DJ - Daddy DJ
Lady Violet - Inside To Outside
Paps 'N' Skar - Turn Around
Morgana - Never Gonna Make
Floorfilla - Anthem #5
Prezioso Feat. Marvin - Let's Talk About A Man
Diana Fox - Running On Empty
La Bionda - Eeah DaDa
Gabry Ponte - Geordie
Gitta - No More Turning Back
O-Zone - Despre Tine
Magic Box - Carillon
DJ Fajry - Outro

(cкачиваний: 4784)

Diamond Rain - Take My Love [Special Collector's Edition]

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